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  • Vic


    A software engineer, orator, video editor, chef (At least for myself), singer (Not exactly good), artist (Decent one) and a writer (Okayish one).

  • TinyColonyGame


    Tiny Colony is an expansive pixelated ecosystem on the Solana Blockchain.

  • Daniella Cressman

    Daniella Cressman

    American-Canadian author offering insights about psychology, society, and entertainment. Based in Albuquerque, NM. https://daniellacressman.squarespace.com/

  • Loren King

    Loren King

    A multi-passionate millennial. Writing about careers, spirituality, hot-topics, health, and more.

  • Manmeet Singh

    Manmeet Singh

    I love learning new things, reading books, running and having conversations, over tea and coffee.

  • Gareth Hart

    Gareth Hart

    Liberal left egalitarian and media armchair commentator. Self-confirmed geek and Linux end-user. Connoisseur of smooth jazz and biscuits.

  • Fedrichdale


  • Will Forrest

    Will Forrest

    American ex-pat and ex professional poker player living in Panama. Interested in coffee, ecovillages, politics, society, psychospirituality, and social justice

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