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  • Mysterious Witt

    Mysterious Witt

    I write about my sex life. Learn from my mistakes. Benefit from my victories and shared tips. Treat me to a coffee: ko-fi.com/mysteriouswitt

  • Charlotte R

    Charlotte R

  • Hassan Khurshid

    Hassan Khurshid

    An avid reader of business, science, philosophy, and the universe. I use philosophy to make sense of the modern world. Email: Hassankhurshid642@gmail.com

  • Would you follow me? Thanks!

    Would you follow me? Thanks!

    Enneagram Identity Work

  • Landon Pasby

    Landon Pasby

    Writer, blogger, unabashed language nerd, political animal. Freaked out and fascinated by the postmodern human condition. Bold questions, big ideas.

  • Stepan Chysky

    Stepan Chysky

  • Wilson Wang

    Wilson Wang

    Amazon Engineer. I was into data before it was big.

  • Ken Wu

    Ken Wu

    A space for all my musings, questions and observations. Writings will cover my experiences in education, the law and (the limited amount) in life.

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